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For all U.S. associates, your username is your 8-digit personnel number, which can be found on the top, left corner of your paystub (Example: 00123456). Your password is: Welcome1.
For Clients and Contractors, your username is your network login id (Example: contrc01). Your password is: Welcome1.
For Canadian associates, your username is ca + your employee number, which can be found on the top, left corner of your paystub (Example: ca12345). Your password is: Welcome1.
Pour les associés canadiens, votre nom d’utilisateur est ca + numéro d’employé, que vous pouvez trouver dans le coin supérieur gauche de votre fiche de paie (Exemple: ca12345). Votre mot de passe est: Welcome1.
All hourly and salaried, non-exempt Compass Group associates should complete required, job-related training during regularly scheduled working hours as defined by their respective manager. Manager approval must be obtained prior to taking training and all hours must be recorded as worked - do not work off the clock!
Compliance requirements are detailed by company policy and/or applicable law. If there are any additional requirements or differences in your state law, sector policy or Collective Bargaining Agreement, those requirements will govern.
Need help? Contact MyLMS Support at MyLMS@compass-usa.com for login and technical assistance.